3.13 Arriving and Parking at College

The College has adopted a green transport policy and encourages green forms of travel.  The main modes of access to College are by cycle, bus or car, with local residents of Writtle able to walk to the site.  The College is located along the signed National Cycle Route 1 that links Central Park, with Admiral’s Park and Writtle.  The cycle route continues through the central track to the farm and Cow Watering Campus, including the Equine Centre.  Cycling is one of the best ways of getting about at Writtle and is one of the cheapest.  There are also regular bus services from Chelmsford, with just a short walk from the bus stop on Lordship Road in Writtle.  If you need a car for access then you should follow the Student Vehicle Regulations that apply on site, as described below.


Cow Watering Lane

Cow Watering Lane is narrow and has many places with restricted visibility.  Drivers are likely to encounter approaching vehicles, horses, cyclists and pedestrians.  Therefore it is in everyone’s interest that all vehicles are driven with great care, consideration and courtesy in Cow Watering Lane.  It is recommended that vehicles going to and from Cow Watering Campus drive round the circuit in an anti-clockwise direction.  Horse-riders should use the central track in preference to Cow Watering Lane.


Parking Cycles

There are many cycle racks on the campus and secure cages are available for a refundable deposit of £10 from the SU office.  If you do want to bring a bicycle onto campus we would advise that you get it insured.


Motor Bikes

Motor bikes may be parked in the covered store situated just beyond Design 2.


Motor Vehicles

Any student reported for driving at an inappropriate speed without consideration for other users, whilst using a mobile phone or parking in an unauthorised place will face disciplinary action by the College.  This could involve fines, withdrawal of permission to have a vehicle at the College or, in extreme cases, suspension or expulsion.  In the interests of safety the following regulations apply:


Student Vehicle Regulations

Students may only park in designated student car parks – the locations of which are shown on the College map and on MyWi.  All vehicles must be registered on-line at http://student.writtle.ac.uk, and display a current parking permit in a prominent position on the windscreen.  The one-way systems must be strictly observed.  A 5 mph speed limit applies to all campus roads, with no parking allowed along the College roads.  Please note, if students park in staff or visitor car parks they will be fined (£25); unauthorised parking in a disabled bay will also incur a fine.  Vehicles must not be left at College during vacations without obtaining permission from the Property and Facilities Office.  No drivers of vehicles may use a mobile phone whilst driving on College grounds.  It is an offence to cause undue vehicle noise when driving on College grounds.  Vehicle repairs must not be carried out in the car parks.  The College reserves the right to dispose of abandoned vehicles after a period of 3 months with any costs incurred charged to the vehicle owner.  All vehicles brought on to the campus must be insured and taxed, legal and roadworthy.  Students’ visitors bringing cars on to campus should park in designated student car parks and obtain a temporary vehicle pass from Reception.  Vehicles must not be driven recklessly or on to paths or grassed areas.  Students in breach of any car parking or vehicle regulations will be fined.  Persistent offenders will be subject to a vehicle campus ban.


The full text of the Writtle College Vehicle and Parking Regulations Policy and Procedure can be found on MyWi.


Date Printed: Thursday 25 August 2016